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Furthermore, it is not meant to replace checking in with the teacher when students are absent.

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Second Grade: Mad Libs

This is a Mad LIb created by Julia Halloran and Madeline Schoenberger. Here it is... GIRL: Hello. My name is Julia. BOY: Hi. My name is Brad Pit. I came here with my mother and father and my little puppy. GIRL: I am here with my best girl cat. We are staying at the Sam Hilton Hotel. BOY: I hear that they have a great burger there. How is the food? GIRL: Stupid. But the room only costs 10,000 dollars a day. BOY: I rented a fan for this afternoon. Maybe you and I could go burping. GIRL: I'd love to, but I promised Britny Spears I'd go running with her. BOY: Well, tonight there is a Cold Dance at the Hotel Eating Room. GIRL: I'd love that. Is it formal? BOY: Yes, be sure and wear an old dress and your All Stars. I am going to wear my dogs.